ICU was founded in 1953 as Japan's first "liberal arts college." The defining characteristic of the ICU education has been its ability to develop human resources capable of flourishing on the global stage and making pragmatic contributions to the peace and coexistence of humanity as a whole.

Liberal Arts

Learn more about what makes the ICU educational experience unique.

Features of ICU Classes

Learn more about how ICU uses small class sizes to encourage independent learning.

International Character

These pages focus on the many study abroad opportunities ICU offers and the bilingual Japanese-English education that has characterized the university since its establishment.

Student Dormitories

Approximately 600 students from Japan and abroad live together at ICU dormitories.

Stories; Students, Faculty, Alumni

Interviews with current students, alumni, and faculty members illuminate the ICU education.

Online Learning

With OpenCourseWare, ICU makes classes available online, free of charge.


Since opening in 1960, the library has played a central role in the university's education and research initiatives. The ICU library always boasts some of the highest usage rates and lending rates of all university libraries.

University Consortium

In hopes of pushing education and research to higher levels, ICU teams with other universities, institutions, and graduate schools on organizational education research.

Open to Society

ICU gives benefits back to society by sponsoring lifelong learning courses, museum events, organ concerts, and more.