Are you familiar with the term "Service-Learning"?

Does "service" mean volunteering?

Is it an extracurricular program, or is it a social activity to prepare for a career?

Why is it part of the university curriculum at ICU, in the first place?

Service-Learning is an educational platform that provides practical and reciprocal learning opportunities for students. Participants will volunteer in a community service of their choice for a given period. Through the volunteer work, students will have opportunities to apply their on-campus learning to the community, deepen their knowledge and understanding through the community service, and leverage gained insights to advance their academic learning journey further.

Overview of courses related to Service-Learning


ICU offers a year-long curriculum for Service-Learning to ensure that students' service experiences will evolve into meaningful learning. "Introduction to Service Learning" and "Preparation for Service-Learning Field Study" are courses offered in the spring term. These two courses provide preparation for a 30-day service during the summer recess, and "Reflection on Service Experiences" in the autumn term provides an opportunity to look back on the experience.

The central part of Service-Learning program is the actual service activities during the summer recess. Students enroll in one of two categories: "Community Service-Learning" for domestic and "International Service-Learning" for overseas depending on the service site.

Community Service-Learning

"Community Service-Learning" consists of service activities at an NPO, NGO, local government agency or social welfare institution in Japan. Students are encouraged to choose an organization according to their areas of interest and concern and to negotiate to obtain acceptance into the organization. The selection and negotiation process, as well as the service experience itself , will help students learn more deeply about the local community they live. ICU Service Learning Center (SLC) supports students as necessary throughout this process.


International Service-Learning

Service activities through "International Service-Learning" embrace our commitment to the international community, one of the founding principles of ICU. Students take part in Service-Learning programs offered by an overseas partner institution or agency in our network and engage in activities at local NGOs or public agencies. ICU students have participated in educational, welfare-related, developmental and many other activities through course.


For inquiries on Service-Learning

ICU Service Learning Center

Established in October 2002, ICU Service Learning Center (SLC) has formed a network together with other higher education institutions in Asia since 2003 to promote student exchange through Service-Learning activities. It was selected as a program for "Strategic Promotion of International Cooperation" project subsidized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in 2005, and has particularly been emphasizing international service-learning. In addition to program briefing sessions, orientations and course support, SLC offers a broad range of student support including negotiation with partner institutions, follow-up of overseas travel preparation, on-site inspection and implementation of safety measures to ensure that students can safely and securely engage in service activities

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