Paths after Graduation

Diverse paths open up with a liberal arts education.

Each year around 70% of ICU graduates go on to employment and 20% to further education. The rest await the results of certification examinations or admission applications to graduate schools outside Japan, or continue seeking employment with a long-term view.

Paths after graduation in academic year 2017 (as of May 1, 2018)


512 graduates

Wide range of employment paths reflects high expectations for globally-active ICU graduates

The employment rate (number of graduates securing employment divided by number of those seeking employment) is over 90% every year. ICU graduates have the ability to make comprehensive judgements, to think creatively, and to deploy advanced language skills. Capable of addressing the needs of a borderless and rapidly-changing society, ICU graduates have found employment in a wide range of industries, particularly with global companies.

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The following patterns can be observed in ICU students' job-hunting activities.

  1. With curiosity and a multifaceted view, students search for employment widely rather than limiting themselves to specific industries.
  2. Students proactively visit alumni in order to get a better grasp of the meaning or significance of"work."
  3. Students make objective judgments about what they want to do and how they should envisage their future selves. They decide where to work on the basis of these judgments, rather than factors such as reputation or size of companies or organizations.

Top Companies and Organizations Employing ICU New Graduates


Total Number of Graduates: 512 (* including June 2017 graduates)


Total Number of Graduates: 638 (* including June 2016 graduates)




* including June 2015 graduates.


Employment Data by Industry


Employment data 2017 for graduates of the College of Liberal Arts, organized by industry, is as follows.



Employment data 2016 for graduates of the College of Liberal Arts, organized by industry, is as follows.



Employment data 2015 for graduates of the College of Liberal Arts, organized by industry, is as follows.



Approximately 20% go on to graduate school at home and abroad

One of ICU's features is a large proportion of students opting to go on to graduate school. These students are seeking to gain a deeper understanding of research themes they encountered in their liberal arts education, or to prepare for working at an international organization in the future.


633 respondents out of 638 graduates; 5 did not respond
*Percentage of university graduates pursuing further education (national average): 12% (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, School Basic Survey 2017)

Equipped with English language skills, many students aim to study at graduate schools outside Japan. Approximately 70% of students in the sciences go on to graduate schools at home and abroad. There are also many ICU alumni working in education and research.

Top Graduate School Accepting ICU New Graduates



* including June 2017 graduates



* including June 2016 graduates



* including June 2015 graduates.

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