Features of Dormitories

ICU's dormitories have five features that enhance the students' campus life. We hope you benefit from these features through your dormitory life.


1. Environment to Acquire Abilities Required in the Global Community

The dormitories are where students of different backgrounds, ages, personalities, mindsets, language, culture and religion live together. At times there may be disagreements, but the experiences of debating late into the night, accepting each other's differences, and cooperating to resolve issues promote students'personal growth significantly. By the time they graduate and leave the dormitories, students will be equipped with a range of abilities essential for success in global society. These include an understanding of diversity, communication skills, leadership and management ability, advanced cooperativeness and problem-solving skills.

2. Opportunities to Make Friends for Life

The four years of communal living of Japanese and international students with diverse values are filled with new encounters and friendships. You will meet senior students who can teach you much about campus life as well as private life, and friends with whom you will sit up late to work on assignments or prepare for exams, discuss your worries and share your joys and sorrows. These friends will become your second family. The relationships that you build during your time in the dormitory will last a lifetime.

3. Students Playing a Key Role in Dorm Operation

The number of students in each dormitory, or on each dormitory floor, is limited to 30 to 40. This is the number of residents which both students and faculty and staff members believe to be optimal for a student-run dormitory, based on their past experiences. All first to fourth year students live together and hold a dormitory meeting once a month in principle. At dormitory meetings, students allocate everyone a certain duty, such as cleaning, which is essential for communal life. They also discuss various things such as dormitory events and issues of dormitory operation. Students thus form an autonomous cooperative community that effectively manages the dormitories.

The rules of the dormitories are not set by the university in a unilateral way. They are determined through talks between the student and university sides after a through discussion among dorm residents. This process is a feature unique to ICU, which places importance on dialogue.


4.Just 3 Minutes' Walk to the Library and Class Rooms

All our dormitories are located on the campus. A university with one-out-of-four students living in dormitories on campus is not very common with universities located in central Tokyo, all the more so with those in the suburbs. We believe that living on campus is the ideal way to enjoy a fulfilling university life, learning together with friends and faculty members. Dormitory life makes it possible to utilize university facilities such as class rooms and the Library to the full.

5.Highly Satisfying Dormitory Life

In most cases, students who moves in a dormitory enjoy a fulfilling life there until graduation, without moving to other accommodations. Students who enroll in exchange programs overseas may come back to the same dormitory once their program is completed.

Each dormitory holds alumni reunions on a regular basis with many former residents attending. This shows just how fulfilling students have found their time living in the dormitories.

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