A Year as an ICU Student

A Year as an ICU Student

Spring Term


■ Spring Matriculation/ Orientation for New Students

■ Spring Term Registration/ Classes Begin

■ ICU Dedication Day


■ Bound Copies of MA Theses of June Grads Due

■ New Student Retreat

As part of the official education program, the New Student Retreat is carried out by the University in mid-May for both April and September entrants and mid-October for September entrants. All full-time teaching staff participate in the Retreat, as well as a number of general staff and invited senior students.

The primary objective of the Retreat is to help new students understand, in a friendly atmosphere, the curriculum of ICU, and deepen understanding of the ideals of the University and its liberal arts education. A variety of approaches, such as lectures, talks, and open discussions are held, and new students are encouraged to take part actively. Their participation is also expected for organizing and carrying out the Retreat program, together with teaching staff.

■ Christianity Week

In May, students organize lectures and discussions during Christianity Week, devoting a full week to contemplating religion through worship, lectures, concerts, and visits to homes of faculty.


■ Bound Copies of Senior Theses of June Grads Due

■ ICU Founder's Day

■ Spring Term Exams/ Classes End

■ Summer Commencement


■ SEA Program

Summer Courses in Japanese

Autumn Term


■ Autumn Matriculation/ Orientation for New Students

■ Autumn Term Registration/ Classes Begin


■ Applications for International Educational Exchange Program

■ Dormitory Festival


■ ICU Festival

■ Autumn Term Exams/ Autumn Term Classes End

Winter Term


■ Winter Term Registration/ Classes Begin

■ Human Rights Day

■ Christmas Programs

■ Christmas-New Year's Vacation


■ Classes resume

■ Bound Copies of MA Theses of March Grads Due


■ Bound Copies of Senior Theses of March Grads Due

■ Winter Term Exams


■ Winter Term classes End

■ Spring Commencement

Matriculation Ceremony and Commencement Held Twice a Year

ICU welcomes students from throughout the world, regardless of race, religion, or nationality. Japanese and English are the languages of instruction at ICU. The English Language Program and the Japanese Language Program enable students to use both languages proficiently for a thoroughly bilingual education.

The Matriculation Ceremony, held in April and September, and Commencement in March and June, symbolize ICU's openness to the world. April students join the ICU student body in April after graduating from Japanese high schools or transferring from other Japanese universities, while September students come from educational systems abroad through separate screening procedures for English-speaking applicants. College students from abroad interested in studying for a year in Japan may enroll in September as one-year-regular students.

Students enrolling in April and September study on the same campus under the same curriculum, with the exception of the above-mentioned language programs. ICU offers students a truly international campus life, where faculty and students from different backgrounds freely interact with each other.

Academic Year

The academic year is divided into trisemesters of approximately eleven weeks each. Students register and complete courses in each term. The trisemesters system allows students to choose according to their current academic interests and to study intensively and systematically. Undergraduate students take about four or five courses worth 12 units per term.