College of Liberal Arts

College of Liberal Arts

ICU offers over 30 majors in its College of Liberal Arts. Students take General Education courses and foundation courses in various majors to identify their specific areas of interest and then choose a major at the end of their second year. This flexibility is one of the key points that sets the ICU College of Liberal Arts apart.


ICU lets students choose from a selection of 31 majors (areas of specialization). Whatever field a student chooses to study in, ICU offers the full range of courses available at other universities to enable students to master their chosen disciplines in a systematic way.

Courses and Syllabi

Visit this page for courses and syllabi.

College-Wide Courses

These pages detail the college-wide courses that all College of Liberal Arts students take.


This page provides a list of faculty members and researchers.

Graduation Requirements

Find out what you need for a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Certification Programs

Find information on the teaching licenses, curator qualifications, and other certification.

Online Learning

With OpenCourseWare, ICU makes classes available online, free of charge.


Learn about the three policies of the College of Liberal Arts: the diploma policy, the curriculum policy, and the admission policy.