Special Exhibition The World of Late 19th Century Japan as Seen in Satirical Prints at ICU Hachiro Yuasa Memorial Museum

Update: April 17, 2019

The ICU Hachiro Yuasa Memorial Museum is holding a special exhibition titled The World of Late 19th Century Japan as Seen in Satirical Prints from April 9 (Tue.) to July 12 (Fri.), 2019.

The exhibition displays a total of 60 works of satirical prints dating to the period around the Boshin war, when a new regime was getting established, especially from the October 1867 restoration of imperial rule to the Edo Kaijo (the Fall of Edo) in April of the following year, as well as post- Meiji,Ishin (the Meiji Restoration) ukiyoe prints.

The satirical prints express the feelings that the people of Edo had regarding the political and social situations during the final days of the Edo period. The works on display, in particular, focuses on those that liken the war to games played by children. The prints show children playing with toy guns and cannons as well as competing on stilts, and by paying attention to the patterns on the kimonos worn by the children, the way Tokugawa Yoshinobu (the 15th and last shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate), the emperor and various clans were drawn and the dialogues of the characters, one can perceive the feelings of the common man of the time. The exhibition is worthwhile not only from the artistic aspect but also from the perspective of historic documents, so please make sure to visit.


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