Inter-University Cooperation Agreement Concluded with University of Tsukuba

Update: April 7, 2016

On April 6 (Wed), ICU concluded an Inter-University Cooperation Agreement with the University of Tsukuba (Tsukuba City, Ibaraki) and held a signing ceremony on the same day. This Agreement is positioned as a "Campus-with-Campus" agreement which aims to promote the sharing of campus functions between the two institutions to offer education actively utilizing research and education resources of each other, and in doing so, increase mobility of students and faculty, carry out efforts to enhance research and education capabilities on a reciprocal basis, and promote trans-border cooperation.

The agreement is characterized by realizing a learning environment in which students from the other university can learn in a way as if they were on their own campus and by setting no limits to the number of students participating in exchange activities under the agreement. This allows for ICU students to receive guidance at the University of Tsukuba for their graduation work in medicine and medical sciences, sports sciences, arts and other fields, or even study abroad at overseas institutes having a partnership agreement with the University of Tsukuba.

At the signing ceremony, ICU President Junko Hibiya pointed to the significance of this cooperation: "It is of great benefit for our students to be able to pursue graduation work in medicine and medical sciences, sports sciences, arts and other disciplines for which ICU cannot provide sufficient guidance. In addition, our students will also be able to participate in the various study abroad programs offered by the University of Tsukuba, which will surely expand learning possibilities for ICU students. I am so glad that we were able to conclude this cooperation agreement." President of the University of Tsukuba, Kyosuke Nagata commented "As society becomes increasingly diversified now, students are diversifying too, making it difficult for a single organization to address all aspects of its needs alone. Against this background, building a reciprocal partnership with ICU has a great significance for us. I hope this cooperation will bear fruit in the development of capable human resources."

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