Ceremony to mark completion of new student dorms Momi House and Maple House held

Update: February 23, 2017

A ceremony to mark the completion of new dormitories - Momi House and Maple House - was held on February 16 (Thur.), 2017. They are the 13th and 14th student residences in the 62-year history of ICU dorms.

The Momi House (seven stories) can accommodate up to 192 students. It has floors for undergraduate as well as graduate students. A maximum of 128 people, all undergraduates, can live in the Maple House (five stories). With the opening of these two dorms, about 900 students, or more than 30 percent of the entire student population, will be living on campus.

The two dorms are designed not only for residents, however. They are places of learning outside classrooms where all ICU students can gather together. The Momi House and the Maple House are connected on the first floor where seminar rooms (six rooms), a joint living & dining area and a Japanese-style room are located. Not only dorm residents but also commuting students, faculty and, at times, ICU graduates and members of the local community can get together in the new dorms. They are expected to become places of learning where they all can hold dialogues regardless of generation, nationality or affiliation and produce new ideas.

At the ceremony on Feb. 18, Rev. Shoko Kitanaka said after offering a prayer, "When spring comes, students will begin living in these new dorms. They will be using residential areas on each floor, the common first-floor area and other facilities and equipment in accordance with their various purposes, breathing life into them. I hope and pray that the two dorms will become lively stages of life for incoming students as well as their soul spaces across time."

At a banquet held after an inspection tour of the new facilities, Chair of the Board of Trustees Kakutaro Kitashiro and University President Junko Hibiya thanked all those involved in the construction of the dorms and pointed to their value as places that will encourage students to grow mature outside classrooms. They also expressed hope that various new efforts and projects will be undertaken by opening the first-floor seminar rooms and other areas not only to residents but also to commuting students and faculty.

And at the end of the banquet, Dean of Students Tatsuo Nunoshiba conveyed his appreciation to those involved in the dorm construction and also thanked ICU graduates with dorm life experiences and students now living on campus who participated in a series of meetings and shared various opinions to create the dorms.


You can access photos of the new dorms here.

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