Professor Mizoguchi takes up post as Cabinet Office science & technology policy fellow

Update: March 30, 2017


Professor Tsuyoshi Mizoguchi (Major: Biology) has been appointed to the position of science and technology policy fellow at the Cabinet Office. There are nine such fellows and only two private universities in Japan, including ICU, have ever been tapped to fill some of these positions.

Science and technology policy fellows will be involved in the research, analysis, planning and policy formulation regarding matters on science and technology innovation at the Cabinet Office in order to apply their specialized knowledge and expertise to the process of drafting policy for universities and research organizations.

Beginning in AY 2017, Professor Mizoguchi will be engaged in efforts to strengthen coordination among companies, universities and public-sector research organizations and to build a network among industry, academia and government in order to promote science and technology innovation in accordance with the 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan (FY 2016‒FY 2021) the government adopted in January 2016. He will also teach classes on plant physiology and other subjects at ICU.

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