Foreign Ministry's Diplomatic Seminar held

Update: May 26, 2017

A Diplomatic Seminar organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was held on Thursday, May 25, as part of a class on international security given by Professor Takako Ueta (Majors: International Relations, Politics. The foreign ministry's former Deputy Chief of the Mission of Japan to the EU), followed by a career guidance session on working for the foreign ministry.

In Part I of the seminar, Atsushi Saito, director of the Space Policy Division and the Cyber Security Policy Division of the foreign ministry's Foreign Policy Bureau, spoke on cyber security, explaining about formulation of international rules today and Japan's cyber security strategy.

In the question and answer session following the seminar, students actively asked questions, showing their deep interest in the topic.


During the career guidance session in Part II, Mr. Saito talked about jobs at the foreign ministry. He gave explanations of the qualities required for working for the ministry while touching on the reasons why he chose to join the ministry, the details of daily work in the jobs he has held to date and the appeal of working for the ministry.

During the Q&A time after the end of Part II, students asked many questions. Mr. Saito gave a thoughtful response to each of them.

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