Dr. Erkki Tuomioja, Finland's former Foreign Minister gives a lecture at ICU

Update: February 26, 2019

On Thursday February 21, Dr. Erkki Tuomioja, Finland's former Foreign Minister and a member of Parliament gave a lecture titled "The Nordic Model: An Answer to or a Victim of Globalization?" as an event to commemorate the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Finland. His lecture was given in a class in Economy and Economics, a course taught by ICU Visiting Professor Jun Saito (major: economics, global studies).

Dr. Tuomioja introduced the internationally acclaimed Nordic model as a socioeconomic model based on inclusion, allowing no-one to be excluded. Then he added that, although the model has benefited from globalization, it is also experiencing negative impacts of globalization such as restrictions on policy flexibility. He emphasized the need to build a mechanism for global governance that can address issues such as sustainable development taking due consideration of the environmental loads involved in economic growth.

In a question and answer session following the lecture, Dr. Tuomioja took time to earnestly answer each of the questions raised from students. Examples of questions included: "Why do the Finnish people have a high level of happiness?" "Globalization entails the problem of language barriers. How did the Nordic countries solve this problem?" and "Globalization accompanies a large inflow of foreign people. We hear voices of concern about this in Japan. How about in Finland?"


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