Three student organizations of ICU received Encouragement Award for Environmental Initiatives from Mitaka City

Update: February 21, 2020

Ms. Yuki Tamaki who attended the award ceremony and Mayor Takashi KawamuraMs. Yuki Tamaki who attended the award ceremony and Mayor Takashi Kawamura

On February 20 (Thur.), three environmental organizations of ICU; Make&Consume Local-Project, ICU Slow Vill, and ICU SUSTENA were selected to receive Encouragement Award for Environmental Initiatives* from Mitaka City where ICU is located. Ms. Yuki Tamaki (member of Make&Consume Local-Project and ICU Slow Vill; major in Environmental Studies and Peace Studies; 3rd year student), representing the three organizations, attended the award ceremony.
*Unofficial translation

The City of Mitaka recognizes excellent environmental initiatives for the purpose of raising citizens' environmental awareness and promoting their actions, by widely introducing pioneering environmental activities by citizens, organizations and businesses. Encouragement Award for Environmental Initiatives is given to recipients who have been involved in their initiatives for 10 years or less.

The three recipient organizations of ICU initiated a program to sell vegetables grown by Mitaka farmers, developed menus utilizing vegetables grown in Mitaka, negotiated with the University Dining Hall to introduce recyclable "Re-Re-Pack" takeout containers, and have been making compost in partnership with Mitaka farmers. The award was given to the organizations recognizing such environmental activities as well as their efforts to have continued the initiatives with the city and the farmers for as long as 7 years although a complete turnover of students happens every 4 years. The city also hopes that the organizations would continue to work locally with Mitaka City.

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