Regarding Overseas Travel and Returning to Japan from Overseas

Update: March 27, 2020

To all students, faculty, and staff members,

<Regarding Overseas Travel>

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs raises its travel alert worldwide to level 2, advising residents to refrain from any inessential overseas travel.

Due to this, all students, faculty, and staff members are in principle prohibited from travelling oversea for any places or purposes.

<Regarding Returning to Japan from Overseas>

Please stay at home (students living on campus dormitories should stay at outside of campus) at least 14 days after the day you entered/returned to Japan.

During stay-at-home period, please check your health conditions by mainly keeping track of your temperature twice a day. Please do not use any public transportation and do not enter campus.

For more details, please contact the Student Affairs Group for students, and the Personnel Division for faculty and staff members.

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