Measures taken by ICU in response to the emergency declaration: Message from the President

Update: April 8, 2020

To all students, parents and guarantors,

A coronavirus emergency declaration will be issued on April 7 and implemented on April 8, and the Japanese government will ask the University to suspend its activities.

Anticipating that the situation might worsen, ICU has already taken steps to prepare to teach courses online in order to continue its higher education mission.At the same time, general access to the campus was prohibited starting on April 1. The gymnasium and library have been closed; no on-site services are being provided anymore. Dormitory residents have been asked to stay in their homes until the epidemic has subsided. Now all faculty meetings will also be done via the internet, and telework has been introduced in the administrative departments.

On April 2, we posted our decision that all courses will be conducted online, and that on-site work on campus will not be carried out except that which is strictly essential for the maintenance of the University. All of these measures that we have already taken meet the request of the government and, as a result, we have decided to start our Spring term as planned.

The form of the online courses will be quite different from the ones we have offered in the past. We can no longer share the same physical space where we can interact with each other in the classroom, on the lawn area, in the Diffendorfer Memorial Hall, in Dialogue House or in the domitories. No matter what the form, however, nothing will change in the spirit of ICU that is characterized by dialogue and critical thinking. All faculty and office staff will do our utmost to fulfill ICU's ideals of humanism and intellectual joy even if it is currently through the internet.

I cannot help but feel some sadness to see the cherry blossoms silently falling on the deserted campus. And I'm sure that some of you, ICU students, are feeling somewhat isolated, struggling with your studies and in your daily life. At the same time, I am delighted that students are coping well and have started using SNS to reconnect with each other.

I hope that, despite the current difficulties, you will persevere, with hope, and will continue to deepen your studies, sharpen your thinking through networks of relationships that you have forged in the community of ICU. I look forward to meeting you all on campus and to being surrounded by the lively sounds of your diverse voices.

Shoichiro Iwakiri, President of ICU

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