Regarding 2020-2021 Exchange/Study Abroad Programs Starting from 2020 Autumn Term

Update: May 11, 2020

To all students,

Given the negative impact caused by the worldwide spread of COVID-19, differing restrictions on entry/departure implemented by national governments, and resulting travel restrictions, ICU will keep monitoring the situation and will implement the following measures regarding 2020-2021 Exchange/Study Abroad Programs starting from 2020 autumn term. At all times, ICU's top priority will be on student's safety. Details will be announced directly to the program candidates.

1) Students are, in principle, prohibited from participating in study abroad in countries/areas where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Safety Level/Infectious Diseases Level is "2" ("Avoid Non-essential travel") or above.

2) In cases where students cannot travel to their host institution, if this institution provides online teaching that does not require physical attendance on campus and approves ICU students'participation from Japan, ICU will approve the students'"study abroad"even if they remain in Japan.Subsequent travel to the study abroad destination will be permitted if and when the situation improves.

3) If the host institution provides options to defer the timing/length of exchange study and if the student prefers such an option, the International Office will be flexible and work with the individual wishes of the student.

4) If there are students who wish to withdraw from the Program due to the COVID-19 situation, ICU will accept the"withdrawal request."

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