Emergency COVID-19 Fund: Message from the President

Update: May 21, 2020

To all students,

In my mail of April 20 (entitled 'A Response to your Questions about Tuition and Facilities Fees'), I stated that ICU would not be offering a uniform reduction or reimbursement of (tuition and facility) fees, but that, instead we "are looking into the provision of exceptional scholarships for those students who are struggling to pay their tuition fees". At that time, I promised to be in contact with you again "as soon as possible with details of how you will be able to take advantage of this system". One month has now elapsed since then and I am pleased to announce that ICU has decided to implement a 'Special COVID-19 Appeal'.

For details of eligibility for this scheme and how to apply, please see the notice that the Student Service Division will be issuing, hopefully on 25 May. Financial support will take the form, not of monetary grants, but of an exemption of Fall term fees. There will be no minimum academic requirements for this scheme. The only stipulation is that the student recipient's family income has been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

These grants will be supported by funds derived, both from the forthcoming fundraising campaign and from the University's foundation. Aware of the needs of current students, we have already received donations from ICU Alumni (including some who only graduated this past April), and the ICU Alumni Association has assured us of its strong support in this endeavor. At the same time, the JICUF has already approved a cash donation of $100,000 for this purpose.

The spread of the Corona virus may appear to be on the wane; but no-one can predict future developments. Given these circumstances, it is my sincere wish that this fund will provide support to enable you all to continue with your studies.


Robert Schumann's poetry collection, A Poet's Love, begins with a poem entitled, 'The Beautiful month of May':

"In the wonderful month of May, as all the buds blossom...
 In the wonderful month of May, as all the birds sing...."

I pray that May be a month full of blessings for you all.

Shoichiro Iwakiri , President of ICU

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