Words of Appreciation and Request for Continued Support for Emergency Support for Students with Financial Hardship caused by COVID-19

Update: July 20, 2020

Hirotaka TAKEUCHI, Chair of the Board of Trustees
Shoichiro IWAKIRI, President

Some of our students have been experiencing financial hardship due to the stagnation of social, economic, and cultural activities caused by COVID-19. To relieve these students, we asked your financial support by introducing an emergency fundraising program.With much gratitude, we have received donations from so many people, including alumni and JICUF (Japan ICU Foundation), which far exceeded our original target amount. We would like to earnestly thank all of you for your kindness and strong support of our sincere wish that no student should ever leave ICU for COVID-19.

We are presently reviewing applications for Emergency Support (grants) from students. However, the number of applicants was significantly higher than our original plan, as the economic environment in which they are placed has been tough. Besides, this situation is anticipated to continue a more prolonged period of time, and the need for continued support will also increase in the Winter term and beyond.

For these reasons, ICU would like to raise the target amount of this donation from the original plan, in order to further strive for lightening the financial burden placed on our many students. We would cordially appreciate your understanding.We would like to thank you once again for your kindness, generosity, and continued
support for the Emergency Support for Students.

Donation Achieved (as of July 14, 2020, *flash report)

Number of donations1,543
Total amount of donation68,424,079 JPY
Original target amount75 million JPY
(Revised amount from 25 million JPY)
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