Classes in Autumn Term 2020

Update: July 17, 2020

To all students

The month of July is already half over, and we hope you will have a chance to relax a bit during your summer vacation in the middle of this difficult time. All of the faculty members are grateful for your understanding and cooperation which made it possible to complete Spring Term with all of our classes online, a challenging first experience for ICU.

We have been considering how to pursue liberal arts education at ICU in the midst of the ongoing novel coronavirus epidemic, and we decided to enact a new policy concerning how classes will be taught in Autumn Term 2020. In addition to introducing new ways of instruction, it will be necessary to require important restrictions on students who take classes on campus. You may feel that your college life is different in the autumn.

ICU faculty members are eager to welcome all students back to campus in Autumn Term, but we are aware that some students may not be able to return for a variety of reasons. We hope to continue studying and researching together while keeping everyone's safety in mind.

【Modes of instruction】
In order to protect the health of faculty, staff and students, and to fulfill the educational mission of the university, courses during Autumn Term will be taught, in principle, either in online mode or in hybrid mode. All large classes (with 60 or more students) will be taught online. Small and medium sized classes will be taught either online or in hybrid mode. Hybrid mode refers to classes that will be taught face-to-face in a classroom, but students who are unable or unwilling to come to ICU campus will be able to participate in the classes online. In cases where classes will be taught in classrooms, the maximum capacity of the classrooms will be reduced to at least one half of the normal level. Students will be required to maintain physical distance, to wear masks and to take other preventative measures while in classrooms.

The modes of instruction will be implemented for the entire term, but if conditions in Tokyo Prefecture worsen or if a state of emergency is declared then it will be necessary for all classes to be taught online. At such time, all hybrid classes will be converted to online classes.

The mode of instruction for each course (online or hybrid) will differ depending on the course, and the mode will be determined by July 20. Details for all courses (including how online or hybrid teaching will be implemented) will be announced on the online syllabi for courses by July 31. Use the following link for course information:


Pre-registration for Autumn Term 2020 will take place on August 19-21. Because the modes of instruction differ from previous years all courses (excluding ELA and Graduate School courses) will be subject to pre-registration. All continuing students should participate in pre-registration. Please note that students will be required to fill out a survey at the time of pre-registration so we can collect information about the internet readiness and the physical location of all students. Detailed instructions about the pre-registration process will be provided at a later date.

【Course registration】
In order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, course registration in Autumn Term will be held online as it was in Spring Term. The schedule for course registration has been modified as shown below.

Before change
Sep. 2-3 Period for entering preferred courses
Sep. 3 Course registration for Autumn Term
Sep. 4 Autumn Term classes begin
Sep. 4, 9:00 a.m. to Sep. 11, 10:00 a.m. Late registration and registration change period

After change
Sep. 1 Period for entering preferred courses and course registration for Autumn Term
Sep. 2 Period for entering preferred courses and course registration for Autumn Term
Sep. 4 Autumn Term classes begin
Sep. 4, 9:00 a.m. to Sep. 11, 10:00 a.m. Late registration and registration change period
Please note that there will not be an extended period for dropping courses as was implemented during Spring Term.

【Things to consider when selecting courses】

  • The normal course load for undergraduates is 13-1/3 credits. In order to reduce class sizes, as far as possible please limit the number of credits you enroll in to no more than the normal load.
  • While most courses will be taught online or in hybrid mode, a small number of courses will be taught entirely face-to-face. Most of these courses will be Physical Education exercise courses, and a few are practicum/lab/fieldwork courses. If you cannot take these courses during this term, we encourage you to consider taking them next year if possible.
  • Hybrid courses will give students the choice of participating face-to-face in a classroom or online. Immediately after registration students who have enrolled in a hybrid course will be directed to the webpage (such as Moodle page) for the course where they will indicate their mode of participation (online or face-to-face). Students may change their mode of participation during the registration change period, but in principle they will participate in the mode they have selected.
  • Deciding your schedule may require careful thought, and you may need longer breaks between classes. In cases where students take hybrid classes and choose to participate face-to-face in a classroom, it may be difficult to take an online class immediately before or after the hybrid class. If you are participating in an online class while you are on ICU campus, it will take time for you to find a classroom where you can sit and set up your computer.
  • The University plans to designate locations in University Hall, in the Library, and in other buildings that students will be able to use for participating in online classes.

【Entry into Japan from overseas】
As you know, the government of Japan has enacted limits on entry into Japan from overseas as a measure for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately we must conclude based on current conditions (as of July 15, 2020) that it will be impossible for students who are foreign nationals and who are currently outside of Japan to enter Japan in time for the beginning of the Autumn Term on September 1. Furthermore it is not clear when current conditions will improve. For this reason during Autumn Term nearly all classes at ICU will be taught, as was explained above, using a mode of instruction that permits students to take classes online even if they continue to reside overseas. Please note that students who are taking classes in hybrid mode and who enter Japan in the middle of the term will be able to participate in those classes face-to-face after they have arrived at ICU.

For current information about nations and regions subject to denial of permission to entry into Japan, see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs webpage below.

【Life on campus】

  • Many activities will be restricted on campus. For example, many student groups and circles may be required to change the way they hold meetings or schedule events.
  • The Library will be open, but students will be required to maintain physical distance and the length of time students can stay in the Library may be restricted.
  • The Cafeteria will be open during lunchtime, but students will be encouraged to buy take-out lunches and eat them elsewhere. Students will not be able to study in the Cafeteria.
  • The Dean of Students will announce a policy concerning the dormitories. To prevent the spread of infection students living in the dormitories will be required to take many precautions.
  • Many students need to work at part-time jobs, and the University will not prevent this. Nevertheless, some part-time jobs (for example, workplaces characterized by three C's: closed, crowded, and close-contact) may expose students to a higher risk of infection. The University asks students to refrain from working in these dangerous environments. If it is necessary for you to work in a high-risk environment, the University asks you to consider enrolling in online courses so you do not risk exposing others at ICU to infection.

Robert Eskildsen, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Yoshito Ishio, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
Tsuyoshi Mizoguchi, Dean of the Graduate School

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