Results of Online Class Survey for Students

Update: August 25, 2020

The ICU Center for Teaching and Learning conducted a Online Class Survey for Students. The results of the survey are now ready for publication.

In order to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19, ICU decided at an early stage to provide all of its spring term (April to June) classes online and has offered a variety of courses by combining real-time interactive classes using applications such as Zoom and on-demand video classes that have been recorded beforehand so that students can access any time they please.

Some positive comments from the questionnaire on interactive classes included: "One of the classes I took was delivered from a historical site. There are about 150 students registered in this class, so I believe it would have been impossible as a face-to-face class. It was an exciting and informative experience," "There were multiple tools available for exchanging views (live discussion, chat, Moodle, etc.). So, I think it was helpful for those who are not good at verbally expressing their thoughts because they could choose whatever tool most fit for them." Comments on on-demand classes included: "The topic-specific videos were good (brief videos of around 30 minutes per clip). I was able to really concentrate on them."

Online courses that were rated high by students are introduced in the report as "Good Practices" along with comments from both students and the faculty.
Good Practice

Disadvantages of online classes were also pointed out. "It was difficult to understand the contents because there was no writing on the blackboard." "We had trouble communicating between the students and the faculty." Some students complained about their health conditions such as eyestrain and backache caused by watching the screen for prolonged hours. Students did not feel much difference between online and face-to-face classes in making presentations, but many commented that online classes made it harder to engage in discussions compared to face-to-face classes.

You can access the results of the questionnaire survey on online classes (summary and excerpts) from below.
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Courses during the autumn term (September to the end of November) will be taught either online or in hybrid mode depending on the course. Hybrid mode refers to classes that will be taught both online and face-to-face. Based on the feedback we received in the survey, we will strive further to provide quality learning and dialogue-oriented classes that have always been the hallmark of ICU.

Online Class Survey for Students
Survey period: May 22nd - 31st, 2020
Targets for survey: All undergraduate students and graduate students (total number 3190)
Numbers responded: 1229

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