Online Seminar on International Leadership was held

Update: November 17, 2020

Online Seminar on International Leadership organized by Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) Tokyo, Graduate Program on Human Security (HSP), the University of Tokyo and ICU, was held on November 7. Theme of the seminar was "International Leadership in the 21 st Century: Themes, Contexts and Critiques". President Shoichiro Iwakiri gave an opening address and Prof. Herman Salton moderated Panel 'International Leadership'

It concluded that, on the one hand, there are observations about the lack of leadership at the international level, be that in addressing long-term issues such as climate change or the unprecedented challenges, including the economic challenges, posited by the current global health crisis. In these observations, the lack of leadership is often targeted at global governance in general and international organizations (UN, WHO) in particular.

On the other hand, it is yet to be known what leadership at the international level entails. Is it part of the transferable skills that depend on the person's abilities, or a gift certain people are born with? Does the type of leadership depend on the context in which we live? Or is it dependent on the goal? In short, while there seems to be a shared quest for more international leadership, the seminar concluded that there is no agreement on which form such leadership should take.

In this seminar, discussions were focused on two main questions: 1. What is the international leadership needed in the contemporary world? 2. Are there any specific leadership models that cater for specific needs? The panels are formed alongside these two questions.

The recording of the event can be found here:

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