ICU Christmas Card in 2016

Update: December 21, 2016

This year, we asked Ms. Haru Nakamura (Class of 2003) to draw our Christmas card.

Haru Nakamura

Graduated in 2003, former Division of Social Sciences, College of Liberal Arts ICU. After graduating from ICU, Ms. Nakamura was engaged in editing English education materials. Later on, she joined Kyoto University of Art and Design and worked in the international exchange department. When she visited Bologna Children's Book Fair in Italy, escorting a group of students, she became fascinated by the charms of picture books once again, and decided to pick up her once lost dream of becoming a professional artist and storyteller.

She resigned from work and took a one-year "picture book course" at Palette Club School to obtain practical skills for creating picture story books.

Currently she runs her own label "Ehon-no-Nohara (field of children's books)", and is engaged in research, translation and creation of picture books and other publications, as well as holding events to promote exchange among authors and artists. The label was named from her wish to realize a field filled with blossoms of various beautiful picture books, where everyone could come whenever they want to enjoy the flowers (books). She is a member of The Association for Studies of Picture Books.

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