ICU Student Wins Medals at the 14th World Wushu Championships

Update: October 19, 2017

An ICU student, ms. Risa Ikeuchi (fourth-year student, the College of Liberal Arts), took part in the 14th World Wushu Championships held in Kazan, Russia, between Friday, September 29, and Tuesday, October 3. She won the bronze medal in Women's Daoshu (sword display) and the silver medal in Women's Gunshu (pole display).

About 900 people from 64 countries took part in this year's championships. Eight top winners in each category win the right to compete in the Taolu World Cup next year. Ms. Ikeuchi will be participating in the two categories.


Ms. Ikeuchi's comments

I came in second (9.56) in the pole display, third in the sword display (9.46), and 11th in the long fist display (Changquan) (9.38), earning the right to go to the World Cup next year. I came back to Japan in June after studying in England and, with the support of many people, barely managed to take part in the all Japan championships in July. I narrowly made it to the all Japan championships, so I was very happy when they told me I would be representing Japan in Russia. I also thought I wanted to bring back a medal or two for the head coach, who recognized my efforts in England and after my return to Japan and made recommendations for me, a player of Daoshu and Gunshu, as well as everyone who supported me. I am glad I was able to live up to their expectations and make them happy, too.

I learned a lot at the world championships. And I know what I have to work on in the future. I am going to train hard to achieve my next goal without becoming swell-headed after this. Without depending on luck, I hope to win gold in the World Cup next year with the kind of results no one can even touch.


*1 Daoshu

A form of martial art using swords

*2 Gunshu

"Gun" in Japan means "bou," or a stick, and "bojutsu" in Japanese, or the art of using a stick as a weapon, is called gunshu in China. Gun is considered to be an early weapon in martial arts and its use includes all movements that form the base for manipulating long weapons like sticks and spears.

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