Chairman of the British Council Christopher Rodrigues visits ICU

Update: November11 12, 2017

On October 18 (Wed), Mr. Christopher Rodrigues, Chairman of the British Council visited ICU and gave a lecture to ICU students in Prof. Langager's (Area Related Major: Development Studies, Education, Environmental Studies) "International Perspectives on Education" class. The title of his talk was "What sort of skill set do you need to live as a global citizen?"

Stressing the importance of the roles that will be played by future generations in a society changing rapidly as a result of globalization and the development of artificial intelligence, Mr. Rodrigues reflected on his own career to date and concluded that education is of paramount importance. And with regard to career development, he cited communication skills and a liberal arts curriculum as essential in the nurturing of global leaders.

The question and answer period that followed elicited a series of questions from the students.

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