Undergraduate Research Day Held at ICU on February 24th

Update: March 6, 2018

On Saturday, February 24th, Associate Professor of Linguistics Seunghun Lee organized an Undergraduate Research Day at the Togasaki Kiyoshi Memorial Dialogue House.

What motivated Professor Lee to organize this event was his belief that research by ICU students needed to be recognized in a university-wide setting. The original idea was to feature up to two senior research projects from each of ICU's 31 majors based on recommendations by major advisors and other faculty members. Ultimately, 45 senior students were chosen to represent 22 majors, and each student prepared a poster presentation.

JICUF Undergraduate Research Day was modeled after undergraduate research days in universities in North America. Professor Lee explained in his proposal that participants in university-wide research days have shown higher tendency of continuing research in various fields, which in turn created a foundation for a future generation of researchers. He only arrived at ICU two years ago, but he sees potential in ICU students who engage in research.

The presentation was held from 1pm to 5pm, and was attended by a total of roughly 170 people. many faculty and students. In addition to the 45 presenters, there were 69 walk-ins, 12 pre-registered students, 27 faculty members, 7 committee faculty and 9 URD ambassadors.

The second JICUF Undergraduate Research Day will be organized on June 9th for September students. Information about future Undergraduate Research Days can be found on this website.

The list of students who participated in the first URD and their research titles can also be found here.


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