ICU Students participated in service-learning activities at local communities for one month

Update: September 7, 2018

Over the four weeks from Wednesday, July 4 to Wednesday, August 1, a total of 14 students from Assumption University (Thailand), Silliman University (Philippines), and Union Christian College (India) which are partner universities of ICU's Service Learning Program, and Middlebury College (U.S.), a partner institution of our exchange programs, and ICU carried out Service-Learning activities.

The students' comments included the following: "service is not only about doing volunteer works but spending time together could be served as well," "I would like to bring back all the good things about Japan to my home country and share them with others such as punctuality, education promoting collective behavior such as "Kyusyoku (school lunch)" and cleaning time, and supports for elderly adults)," "I will set up my goal for the future by making use of my experiences and things that I have learned here," "the good communication depends on the attitude that one tries to communicate with others, not a language barrier."

Moreover, students seemed to help each other when non-Japanese speakers were lost in translation. As the program went by, they finally built up the great team and strong friendship.

Main activities:

  • Helping works at a blueberry farm in Mitaka City
  • Assisting English classes in elementary school / understanding the English education system in Japan
  • Volunteering at after-school children's activities / knowing Japanese cultures such as "Tanabata"
  • Supporting nursing cares for older adults by joining activities at day carecenters
  • Homestay experience at the Village of Tenryu (the students stayed on-campus dormitories during the program in Tokyo,)
  • Experiencing unique Japanese cultural activities such as "Nagashi-somen (noodle fishing)" and "Onsen (hot spring)" at the Village of Tenryu. / Spending time with locals at depopulated village, the students gained knowledge in regional revitalization.



Village of Tenryu


Every year from June to August, ICU provides both domestic and international service-learning programs for students to be engaged in the community service activities. Service-Learning enable students to apply their academic knowledge and critical thinking skills to address the real community needs. Participating students are expected to deepen their learning through the practical experience and leverage gained insights to advance their academic learning journey further.

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