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Special Exhibition "Stencil Creations: Katazome and Inbande" at ICU Hachiro Yuasa Memorial Museum

Update: January 17, 2019

The ICU Hachiro Yuasa Memorial Museum is holding a special exhibition titled "Stencil Creations: Katazome and Inbande" from Tuesday, January 8 to Friday March 8, 2019.

Inbande is generally used to refer to potteries having stencil designs. There are several ways to create designs on potteries using stencils and the exhibition explains each method in details. Furthermore, the exhibition also displays indigo cotton dyed using patterns created by carving Japanese paper, and folding screens and a nightdress made using such textiles along with stencils, enabling visitors to enjoy patterns expressed in ways that are different from hand drawing.

In the special exhibition, two stencil-dyed folding screens, one piece each of stenciled bedding cloth and nightdress, 24 pieces of stenciled textiles, 14 pattern papers and 148 inbande potteries were on display.


Students studying in the Curatorial Training Program helped display the works and hold gallery tours also in this exhibition. The tour on Wednesday, January 16 was handled by Yoshie Hori (4th year student.) "I learned how to show the works when setting up the exhibition hall and how to convey the information in the gallery tour. I am majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies and in the exhibition, I learned an information communication method from a perspective that is different from the methods in biological or environmental studies," Hori said.

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