UN Academic Impact Open Lecture: Multilateralism in Peril

Update: May 24, 2019

On May 16 (Thurs), as part of Distinguished Professor Motoshide Yoshikawa's "International Organization and United Nations Studies" class, there was a guest lecture with former UN Under-Secretary General and current president of the Foreign Press Centre Mr. Kitoyama Akasaka. This open lecture was conducted as part of the UN Academic Impact events and was held at the International Conference Room at ICU.

As this was a "Conversation on Multilateralism in Peril", both Professor Yoshikawa and Mr. Akasaka discussed several topics including the implications of the Trump Presidency in the US and Brexit in the UK. The continuing rise in self-reliance as opposed to multilateralism within many countries across the world, is a concern for the international sphere, and the challenges that International Organizations face was also discussed. Finally, Mr. Akasaka also spoke of his own experience working in multiple International Organizations and UN bodies, and his views on the work of the UN.

(Text by Satoko Haru, ICU Graduate Student) 

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