E-week (ICU Environment Awareness Week) Held

Update: June 5, 2019

ICU held E-week (ICU Environment Awareness Week) from May 13 (Mon.) to May 19 (Sun.). Led by ICU Sustainable Campus Committee's students working group SUSTENA (ICU SUSTENA), E-Week is an event held with the aim of addressing the environmental issues within the university campus and improving environmental awareness among the students.

This year the event featured a film festival, flea market, nature observation program, lecture by an environmental NPO, a pizza party using ingredients sourced locally from Mitaka, where ICU is located, and a talk session on environmental thoughts.


The film festival invited the members of, an international environmental NGO primarily engaged in divestment activities, for a screening of "Signs from Nature." This is a documentary on climate change and enabled viewers to realize how the rise in temperature is affecting nature close to them.


At the nature observation program, Takehiko Kamito, Tenured Instructor of ICU, (major: Biology, Environmental Studies) explained nature in the ICU campus. It was an excellent opportunity for the participants to think about the nature in the campus, something which you rarely think of even though it is a place you go almost every day.


As part of the lecture session by the environmental NPO, personnel from ENEKOYA, a firm based in Chofu, Tokyo, constructing small buildings where you can live comfortably with natural energy, brought a mobile home that is self-sufficient in electricity and delivered the lecture on energy self-sufficiency while actually observing the house.

Furthermore, there was a flea market where goods were traded and a talk session by Prof. Johannes Unsok Ro (major: Philosophy and Religion) on environmental thoughts. The participants attentively listened to the talk, asked questions and deepened their interest regarding environmental issues.

In conclusion, the fact that the students are holding such an environment-related event in ICU, which has announced its own environmental declaration, holds great significance and we would like to continue with this in the future.

Written by Taiga Oikawa (3rd year student), ICU SUSTENA

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