Booth Presentation Session presented by Service-Learning participants in the summer

Update: November 14, 2019

On Tuesday, November 12, Service-Learning Center (SLC) hosted a booth presentation session at dining hall with students who engaged in service (volunteer) activities at NPOs and public institutions in Japan/overseas in the summer of 2019 and presented their learning outcome from their experiences at the session. There are seven themes: living together with others, the roll of outsiders, how we can change our environmental consciousness, development support for villages, the relation between inequality issues of learning opportunities and languages, inclusive society, and how we can develop peace and consciousness. The students were divided into these seven groups and expressed their learning outcome in various creative ways.

Presentation scenes



  • Presenters explained to us about topics which were familiar to students.
  • It was interesting way of presentation using "the Game of Life" and showing their group project.
  • It was impressive to know how Trash Bank works.
  • Some of them showed their original trash can, which made us see their presentation through acting not only reading.
  • I understood the difference between volunteering and service-learning.

We had more than 60 guests including school teachers in the neighborhood, local communities, ICU faculties/staff, students etc. By having a dialogue with them, the presenters (students) reflected their experiences, shared them with others, and deepened their learning. Moreover, students did peer reviews as this session is a part of the course; "Reflection on Service Experiences."

SLC will have more opportunities to share our service-learning programs with people on campus and outside.

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