ICU student won the Rakugo Arts Association Award at the 9th International Convention of Amateur Rakugo in Chiba

Update: December 5, 2019

On Saturday November 16 and Sunday November 17, the 9th International Convention of Amateur Rakugo in Chiba was held at the Chiba Prefectural Cultural Hall, where Chikau Sakamoto (1st year student, stage name: Sakai-ya Chigau) won the Rakugo Arts Association Award. This convention is an international rakugo (comic storytelling) competition bringing together amateur rakugo storytellers from around the country and abroad. A total of 52 storytellers who passed the preliminary review participated in the first round held on the 16th and 10 finalists advanced to the final round held on the 17th.

Mr. Sakamoto started rakugo storytelling while he was in high school and is currently a member of the ICU Rakugo Society. He performed a classical rakugo story titled "Kin no Daikoku" in the competition.

Comment from Mr. Chikau Sakamoto

This was my first time to take part in a competition in which adult performers were participating. The two days of the convention were a great learning experience, both to see the performance of other participants and have my performance reviewed by professional rakugo performers. I feel it was because of the great audience at the hall and everyone who supported me that I was able to receive such an honorable award.

ICU Rakugo Society is comprised of a variety of members; some like to tell classic stories and others are working on newer ones. There are even members who are performing rakugo stories in English. I wish to continue participating in the future rounds of the International Convention. On the coming January 23, 2020, we will hold "Mitaka Yo-se," a rakugo show hosted by the ICU Rakugo Society at the University Hall, and an English-only rakugo show on the 14th of February. Information on these events are available on our Twitter and Facebook accounts. Please check it out.

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