Education and Research Fund Donor Meeting Held Online

Update: January 8, 2021

ICU held an "Education and Research Fund Donor Meeting," hosted by the university president on Saturday, December 12, 2020, targeting the guarantors of students who had donated to the education and research fund of the university. The meeting was held online as the university was unable to invite the guarantors to the campus due to the impact of the spreading novel coronavirus infection. Nonetheless, about 40 people attended the meeting. The online meeting featured a special lecture by the university president, greetings from the Chair of the Board of Trustees, and a panel discussion by the faculty.

Shoichiro Iwakiri, President, with the help of a video gave a lecture titled "When a heroine chooses her way of life: Phèdre, Jeanne d'Arc and Antigone interpreted by Shinobu Otake, Takako Matsu, Yu Aoi."

Hirotaka Takeuchi, Chair of the Board of Trustees, talked on the theme of "Mission, Vision, and Values of ICU," and along with the message "Love is to give, expecting nothing in return," expressed his gratitude for the donations from the guarantors.

The panel discussion was held on the three themes of 1) new facilities and education environment, 2) dialogue-oriented classes enabled by small group education, and 3) the novel coronavirus infection and student support, as well as responses to questions submitted in advance by the participants. In addition to Iwakiri, the panel included Robert Eskildsen, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Yoshito Ishio, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Tsuyoshi Mizoguchi, Dean of the Graduate School, and Etsuko Kato, Dean of Students.

We received the following comments from the guarantors: "I once again felt that this is an excellent university. I would like to see all students to have a fruitful student life and build a better future," "I am also an ICU alumnus and felt good to hear familiar stories. I am grateful that my son is also currently leading a very productive student life here. Learning ICU's education philosophy afresh, I would like to offer my support to the best of my abilities so that the university will able to keep fulfilling its mission going forward," and "Since I live in Kyushu, it is not very easy for me, both time-wise and economically, to come all the way to the university, even if we did not have the coronavirus crisis. I was able to join because it was held online."

We received support from many guarantors and would like to express our sincere gratitude. We look forward to your continued support for our education and research fund in order to maintain a high-quality education level in small groups.

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