Class lecture by Makiko Toyoda, Senior Trade Finance Officer and Global Head of Global Trade Finance Program of IFC

Update: January 22, 2021

On Thursday, January 7, Yushi Inaba, Senior Associate Professor (Major: Economics and Development Studies) and Jun Saito, Visiting Professor (Major: Economics and Global Studies) held an online lecture in their general education course "Economy and Economics," inviting a guest speaker, Ms. Makiko Toyoda, Senior Trade Finance Officer and Global Head of Global Trade Finance Program of The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member institution of the World Bank Group in charge of global development financing. The online lecture was attended by some 60 students.

Ms. Toyoda talked about a wide range of IFC projects supporting private sector-led development in Africa, COVID-19 responses, and other activities, by showing various on-site photos and videos with interviews of key stakeholders involved in the projects which helped the students better understand what IFC does on the field.

In the Q&A session after her lecture, she discussed not only about trade finance, but also her rewarding experience at the organization as well as talents and leadership skills required to work in a multi-national environment. She encouraged the students to have a lot of dreams while studying at a university and suggested to think about their role expected to play in an organization to come up with their own style of leadership.

When working at a Japanese financial institution, she faced with the Russian financial crisis and collaborated with EBRD, which prompted her to make a career move to a development financial institution. Noting that she first learnt about IFC in one of her classes in her university days, she said "I would be pleased if today's lecture inspired all the students to consider working at an international organization as a future option."

After the lecture, some students shared comments such as "IFC is taking long-term risks for future achievements rather than short-term risks," "At IFC, professionals with different skill sets work as a team to achieve shared goals by complementing each other, which I think a good example of collaboration," and "Bearing the importance of building my own style of leadership in mind, I would like to engage in my future activities on campus."

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