ICU Student Wins Encouragement Award for Young Researchers of Information Networks

Update: March 23, 2021

Mr. Takumi Uchida (2nd year student in the Master's Course of Mathematics and Information Science, Natural Sciences, ICU Graduate School) won the Encouragement Award for Young Researchers of Information Networks.

The Technical Committee on Information Networks of The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) presents the Encouragement Award for Young Researchers every year to particularly brilliant and promising young researchers (aged 32 or below) from among authors of research papers published from January to December of that year.


Research theme:

"Consideration of Traffic Engineering Techniques Taking Latent Traffic into Account"

This research is about resolving communication traffic congestion through path control by diverting the traffic when communication networks (such as the Internet) are congested. The paths of a communication network are generally designed based on traffic demand (in other words, the observed traffic). However, if the communication quality is deteriorated due to congestion, the true demand may not be observed because of changes in user behaviors such as giving up communication. In such cases, congestion cannot be resolved by path design based on observed traffic. This research proposes a way to infer latent traffic and control communication paths based on the inferred traffic demand. Path control based on latent traffic demand is a new concept with potential for application in a wide range of areas including not only communication networks but also road networks and other systems.


Comment from Mr. Uchida:

I am so honored to receive an award like this. I majored in information science when I was in ICU's College of Liberal Arts, but I started studying about internet traffic after I advanced to graduate school. Moreover, I had hardly had any chances to present my research outside of ICU until I entered the master's course, so it was really encouraging to receive the award. I hope to develop from this experience and continue to work hard even after completing the course.

From the very beginning when I first thought that I wanted to do research on the Internet because it was such a familiar technology in our everyday life, to the point where I was able to receive an honorable award like this, I received warm support from many people, especially my adviser, Associate Professor Keisuke Ishibashi, who provided me with advice on my research as well as about participating in research meetings. I could never have earned the award without their help. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Associate Professor Ishibashi and everyone else who supported me.

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