ICU Signs Comprehensive Partnership Agreement with Mitaka City

Update: April 12, 2021

Mayor of Mitaka Takashi Kawamura (right) and ICU President Shoichiro Iwakiri, holding up the letter of agreement together.Mayor of Mitaka Takashi Kawamura (right) and ICU President Shoichiro Iwakiri, holding up the letter of agreement together.

On Friday, March 19, International Christian University (ICU) signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with the City of Mitaka, the local community, in a signing ceremony held at the Mitaka Municipal Office.

The purposes of the agreement are: to promote mutual exchanges of resources and research results and others; to create a vibrant regional community; to resolve regional issues through collaboration; and to contribute to human resource cultivation and mutual growth.

At the ceremony, Mitaka City Mayor Takashi Kawamura mentioned, as his relationship with the University, that he had participated in the "Mitaka City Community Development Workshop" jointly established by the City and ICU in 1988 and spoke of his aspirations as follows: "ICU faculty members have been working with us since the days when we were drawing up the City's basic concept. Our relations are already so deep that it is almost unnecessary to sign this agreement. With today's agreement as one step, I hope we can build a deeper relationship."

Meanwhile, ICU President Shoichiro Iwakiri, while mentioning on the relationship between the University and the City involving lifelong learning, service learning, and international exchanges, he said, "I hope this agreement will enable us to bounce interesting ideas off each other with the attitude to resolve global issues from our daily lives and create initiatives or meaningful activities to make these ideas come true."

In the future, Mitaka City and ICU are expected to further strengthen their partnership and contribute to the development in the following areas:

  • Internationalization and multicultural coexistence
  • Education and lifelong learning
  • Preservation of the natural environment
  • Regional participation and exchange
  • Collaboration in community development
  • Research and its results
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