UN Seminar held on Campus

Update: April 12, 2021

The first ICU UN Seminar (GS course: QPPI528 United Nations Seminar on Sustainable Development)under the auspices of the Diplomatic and International Public Service (DIPS) Program was held on campus from 15 to 19 March. It was an intensive five-day course held on a hybrid style attended by a total of 25 students including auditors. The UN Seminar benefitted from 23 guest speakers, of whom 16 gave lectures via Zoom from New York, Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Cairo and Grenada and Japan while 7 guests gave lectures in person.

The main theme of the UN Seminar was on SDGs, vulnerable countries like Africa, LDCs and Small island developing States (SIDS), as well as Japanese diplomatic policies, and most of them touched on the impact of COVID-19 on sustainable development, as well as the available career paths to become international civil servants.

The speakers represented various UN organizations including DESA, World Bank, UNEP, UNU, UNICEF, UN Office for Special Advisor on Africa (OSAA), UNDP Human Development Report office, UNITAR, ECA, UN Women, UNHCR, UNESCO, UNDP Tokyo, as well as JICA、MOFA of Japan, former UN Ambassadors and the Earth Negotiation Bulletin.

The final day was a lecture and group HR training session on the process of UN recruitment, including how to prepare application documents for UN positions and mock interviews. The registered students were assigned to note-taking/preparing summary of highlights or Q&A lead team for each session and an editorial/design team has worked on the final outcome report.


Many guest lecturers were impressed with the high-quality questions posed by the students and felt the strong potential for some among them to become future international civil servants. The registered students expressed their views that in just five days, they learned a lot about the UN organizations, different career paths and how the SDGs are closely linked. They were touched by the passion of each speaker towards their respective jobs with the global mission to make the world a better place. In essence, the UN felt closer and the SDGs better understood to be relevant to all.

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