Commencement Ceremony for Diffendorfer Memorial Hall East Wing Repair Work

Update: April 30, 2021

ICU is starting the repair work of the Diffendorfer Memorial Hall East Wing and held the commencement ceremony for the work on Thursday, April 15.

Diffendorfer Memorial Hall East Wing was completed in 1958, and is named in honor of Dr. Ralph E. Diffendorfer, who contributed greatly to the founding of ICU . It was Japan's first student union building housing an auditorium and student clubrooms, and it has been, to this day, serving as a community center for faculty and students . The building's historic and cultural values have also been highly appreciated and was selected as "Building of the Modern Movement in Japan" for fiscal year 2016 by DOCOMOMO Japan. The university decided to carry out major repair work of the building, as it has been more than 60 years since its construction and age-related deterioration is observed throughout the building.

About 40 people, including ICU officials and those involved with the work, attended the ceremony, which was led by Rev. Shoko Kitanaka . In their speeches for the commencement of work, Mr. Makoto Sasaki, Senior Architect , W. M. Vories & Company Architects Ichiryusha , and Prof. Etsuko Kato, Dean of Students , on behalf of ICU, described their feelings for the repair work, followed by President Shoichiro Iwakiri and Dr. Hirotaka Takeuchi, Chair of the ICU Board of Trustees , who addressed the attendees.

The repair work is expected to be completed by the end of November 2021 and involves mending and fixing of aged parts, construction of new elevators, addition of individual air conditioning units, replacement and addition of lighting equipment (replacement with LED light bulbs), repair of outdoor facilities as well as those of lightings and audiovisual equipment for the auditorium and stage.


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