3rd ELA Presentation Contest 2021 was held

Update: June 3, 2021

The 3rd ELA Presentation Contest 2021 was held online on Friday, April 23.

This presentation contest hosted by ELA (English for Liberal Arts Program)(*1) offers a chance for 2nd year students to demonstrate and compete on the learning outcomes of their 1st year in ELA. This year, Associate Professor Akiko Fujii (major: Education), Lecturer Daniel Quintero Garcia, who is the coordinator of World Languages(*2) (an ICU general education course), and Director of ELA, Gerard A. O'connell were invited as the judges of the 3rd ELA Presentation Contest. Each of the five contestants made a presentation in English to the judges and audience on an individually selected theme and provided a rationale for his/her point of view.

Presentation themes were wide ranging from bioethics and human rights issues taken up in ELA classes, to cultural and regional issues. After the presentations, lively Q&A sessions were held with the active participation of the contestants, judges, and audience.

As a result, Rikuo Yatsu who gave a presentation on "Saving Japan's Local Municipalities from Extinction" won the contest. The contestants expressed respect for each other in the award ceremony that took place at the end of the contest.


Comments from the winner, Rikuo Yatsu:

I was really nervous when making the presentation. I can hardly believe I won, but I am very honored and happy.
I like to travel a lot. As I visited various places in Japan, I became interested in communicating the unique charms of the regional areas of Japan. The theme I chose for the presentation was based on this personal interest of mine: What can we do to save municipalities that face the brink of extinction?

The length of the presentation was specified to be 7 minutes, which I thought might be felt a bit too long for some people. Therefore, I tried to clearly explain the main points of my presentation and consciously emphasized the important parts that I wanted everyone to listen to. I feel that I was able to have the audience understand the key words and fully communicate the purport of my theme before I concluded the presentation.

I would like to dig further into this theme in the future. I am also interested in how we could better communicate the charms of the regional areas of Japan to foreigners who visit Japan. I hope to acquire English skills sufficient to be able to communicate the charms of not only major tourist spots like Tokyo and Kyoto but also of various parts of Japan to inbound visitors from overseas.

I was placed in ELA stream 4 (*3). When I first entered ICU, I was a little anxious about my English skills. However, after spending a year in ELA making many presentations and training my critical and logical thinking skills, I feel that my English proficiency and presentation skills have improved. I recommend 1st year students taking ELA classes right now to take part in this contest next year.


*1 English for Liberal Arts Program (ELA) is a language program mainly for 1st- and 2nd-year students whose mother tongue is Japanese. Students can acquire English proficiency and at the same time develop critical thinking and study skills necessary for effectively learning at ICU.

*2 World Languages offer courses in which students can learn languages other than English or Japanese. The following nine courses are offered at present: Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Indonesian, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Italian.

*3 In ELA, students are placed into Streams 1, 2, 3, or 4 based on their English proficiency (Stream 1 is of the highest proficiency level).

(Article written by ICU student reporter, Yuichiro Takeda )

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