59th ICU Festival Held

Update: October 26, 2018

The 59th ICU Festival was held on Saturday, 20th and Sunday, 21st of October. In contrast to last year's rainy weather, this year's ICU Festival was blessed with splendid autumn weather, attracting many visitors including alumni/alumnae, students from other universities and people from the local community.

This year's theme was "En Meguru (fate connects, fate rotates)." The theme was born from the ICU Festival Committee's wish that all visitors enjoy the Festival and experience the unique atmosphere of ICU, based on the recognition that our encounter with each and every visitor must have been led by some fate that connects ICU and the individual.

Various programs and events were held during the two days: the International Street where visitors can enjoy food from all over the world; Goyotashi Yokocho with food stalls from ICU students' favorite restaurants; academic programs where visitors can experience ICU classes and talk with ICU students; performances by student groups; and special programs designed to entertain kids.

Concurrent with the ICU Festival, the 2018 Homecoming event "The Natural Inhabitants of ICU Campus" was held on Saturday, 20th of October, as a program jointly hosted by the university and alumni association.

The program started with a lecture on the ecology of the abundant wildlife on ICU campus, then participants set off on a walk outside in several groups. Finally, a panel discussion was held on how best the rich nature and wildlife on the campus could be conserved.

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