ICU Students Visit Embassy of Canada to Japan

Update: January 5, 2017

On December 14 (Wed), students of the course "Public Policy" taught by Associate Professor Stephen Nagy (Major: Public Policy, Politics, International Relations, Japan Studies, Asian Studies) were invited to the Embassy of Canada to Japan (Minato-ku, Tokyo). After attending special lectures, the students took a tour around the Embassy facilities including a gallery on the basement floor of the embassy building.

The special lectures were given by Mr. Marius Grinius, Canada's former Ambassador to Vietnam, Korea and the United Nations, Dr. Brian Job and Dr. Paul Evans both from the University of British Columbia, who had come to Japan to participate in the Japan-Canada Symposium on Peace and Security Cooperation in East Asia on the recent trends of peace in Asia viewed from a Canadian perspective. The lectures were followed by an exchange of opinions.

The students asked many questions on various topics ranging from "refugee crisis in the Middle East," "climate change" to "cross border disease" and "North Korea and China," while in turn the three lecturers asked the students "How do you wish to contribute to making Japan, Asia and the world a better place?" Altogether, the students spent a very meaningful time.


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