C-Week held

Update: May 29, 2017

ICU Christianity Week (C-Week) was held from May 22 to May 27. Every year, during a single week in late May, various events are planned mainly by students to create an opportunity to think about Christianity from diverse perspectives. This year, prayers, lectures, concerts and visitation opportunities to professors' homes, were organized under the theme of "Building Bridges."


On Tuesday, May 23, a special church service was held with speech therapist Keiko Seki, M.D. (class of 1976) as the guest speaker. Taking up the topic of "Five cases of serving as an intermediary," she talked about "her student life at ICU," "on becoming a Christian," "how she became a speech therapist," "her busy daily life as a medical doctor and a professor at a national university," and "how she coped as a speech therapist with a stroke she suffered," lacing her remarks at times with inspirational words from the Bible.


On Thursday May 25, a special lecture was given by Dr. Makoto Shimada, an ICU alumnus (class of 1990) and an instructor at the Division of Gene Expression Mechanism of the Institute for Comprehensive Medical Science at Fujita Health University. Dr. Shimada, who had been baptized in high school, talked about his student days at ICU and the relationship between "faith" and "scientific proof and explanation" in the research on biological evolution he has been conducting since graduation, referring to his own research data from time to time.

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