ICU Students Make Poster and Other Presentations at an Academic Conference in South Korea

Update:December 5, 2017

Five ICU students participated in the "Seoul International Conference on Speech Science (SICSS) 2017" held at Seoul National University in South Korea on Friday, November 10 and Saturday, November 11, and presented the results of their research. They were led by ICU Associate Professor Seunghun Lee (Major: Linguistics).

Hanna Kaji and Haruka Tada, both fourth-year students, made a poster presentation in English on "The acoustic manifestation of laryngeal contracts in Dzongkha, A preliminary study" focusing on consonants in the Dzongkha language in Bhutan.


Meanwhile, in a presentation, also in English, titled "A Production Study of Xitsonga Depressor Consonants," Haruya Ogawa, Haruka Takeyama and Michinori Suzuki analyzed a group of consonants called "depressor consonants" in Xitsonga, one of the official languages of the Republic of South Africa, and dealt with the impact of specific consonants on the tones of the following vowels in the local language.


Hanna Kaji (4th year student)

I am glad to have been given an opportunity to make a presentation at an international academic conference. This was the first conference I had attended as a speaker, and I learned a lot, including how to make presentations and from the advice I received during the preparations as well as on the day I spoke. In the future, I hope to make use of what I learned this time, such as the method of and stance toward research.

Haruka Tada (4th year student)

Making a presentation at SICSS, an opportunity offered by Professor Lee, was a very good experience for me. At first, I couldn't even imagine that I would be giving a presentation at an academic conference. It didn't seem real to me that I would make a poster presentation when I was told so. In poster presentations, it is necessary to respond flexibly to your listeners, but I am no good at being flexible. So, no matter how many times I practiced with other participating members, I kept worrying till the last minutes. But when our turn came, I was able to feel the joy of letting the audience know about the results of our research. Many people were kind enough to say that our research was interesting, and we received many questions. Thanks to Professor Lee, who guided us along, and my colleagues doing the research together, I was able to have this kind of experience. In the future, I hope to pursue research further so I can make presentations at other academic conferences.

Haruya Ogawa (3rd year student)

When I was a second-year student, I had an opportunity to assist Professor Lee in analyzing the data he had collected, and he suggested me this time that I should give a presentation, for which I am deeply grateful. The three of us joined hands and made preparations, receiving advice each time from Professor Lee about what we hadn't learned in our classes. This was the second time that we three as a team had made a presentation at an academic conference, and I thought we were more relaxed than the last time on the day of the presentation. At the conference, I was able to listen to the results of sophisticated research by professors from around the world, and I was greatly inspired. Soon after enrolling at ICU, I made up my mind to major in linguistics and, receiving an opportunity like this while I am still an undergraduate student, I feel happy to have chosen this area of study. Using this experience as a springboard, I hope to further my study in linguistics in the future.

Michinori Suzuki (3rd year student)

We had kept trying to improve the presentation right up to the last minute, making changes in the slides and data the night before we spoke. Because of these preparations, we were able to speak without becoming excessively nervous. I also found many things in the presentations by other people that I think will be useful to me in the future. We did receive help from many people, but I feel it is because my teammates and I worked hard together through to the end that we were able to make the kind of presentation we did. I hope to take advantage of the experiences and the result we have produced this time for the future.

Haruka Takeyama (3rd year student)

I handled the "result part" of our presentation. I had found some things difficult to understand before the presentation, but I think I was able to give explanations in my own words on the day we spoke thanks to the help from professors around us. And I feel very glad that I was able to take part in an international academic conference and made a presentation while I was still an undergraduate student.

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