Special Exhibition Underway at Hachiro Yuasa Memorial Museum on Campus

Update: January 25, 2017

A special exhibition, "Birds in Form and Design" is underway at the Hachiro Yuasa Memorial Museum on campus between Jan. 10 (Tuesday) and March 10 (Friday). At this exhibition, 118 craft items with the "bird" motif are on display to commemorate the Year of the Rooster this year.

Since ancient times, we humans hunted and kept birds to eat, while birds were also revered as heavenly messengers of God. Since the Heian Period, they became the objects of entertainment such as in cockfights and falconry. Later, a culture to enjoy their beautiful feather colors and sweet songs spread, attesting that birds have always been popular with us. Perhaps for this reason, many works of art have adopted them as their motif and those shown at the current exhibition are no exception. Visitors can enjoy a variety of birds, like a falcon painted on a bowl, a rooster depicted on a nest of boxes and a crane stitched on a night gown.


As in other years, students pursuing the curatorial training program helped prepare the exhibition and are giving guided tours of the gallery. One of these students said, "I often visit museums. But this time around, I was involved in the preparation of the exhibition from the beginning and I was able to look at works of art from a different perspective. I've learned a lot." Another noted, "I think it's great to have a museum on campus. I thought anew that we are really lucky studying in a place like this."

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