"Future Vision Zoo" - Touching the various lives of ICU graduates

Update: October 4, 2017

The ICU Alumni Association hosted an event, "Future Vision Zoo," in the Wisteria Hall on the first floor of the Momi House and the Maple House on Saturday, Sept. 23, offering an opportunity to interact with ICU alumni with various careers.

"Future Vision Zoo" provided a forum where ICU students and alumni came together for discussions focused on learning in life. The graduates told the students how their days at ICU shaped their present lives. They talked about "what they experienced at ICU," "what sort of values they gained," "the things they did during their student days they were happy about," and "experiences that led to good or bad results."

Forty-five students ranging from first- through fourth-year students and 20 alumni association members took part in the discussions. The alumni encouraged the current students to devote themselves to whatever they were interested in during their days at ICU. In turn, one student said, "Keeping what I have just heard in mind, I will enjoy my college life in my own way." Another commented, "I am not as worried as I was before about the future. I am feeling good." The forum gave the students an opportunity to think, enthusiastically and seriously, about "the ways of life" today and in the future.

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