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From its founding days, Japanese Language Programs (JLP) has been providing Japanese language courses to ICU students as part of the College of Liberal Arts. There are around 300 students from about 40 different countries enrolled in JLP courses every year, including degree-seeking regular four-year students, one-year exchange students, and graduate students. It is an opportunity for both international students and Japanese students to become proficient in Japanese. JLP aims to facilitate students to gain functional communication competence in Japanese. The goal of JLP is to equip students with proficiency in the Japanese language that will enable them to pursue academic studies in ICU. JLP hopes to provide the foundation upon which students can fulfill their potentials in the current dynamic and diversified world.

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Summer Courses in Japanese (SCJ)

Summer Courses in Japanese (SCJ) is an intensive six-week program with almost 50 years' history. Starting in early July, it provides a stimulating environment in which university/college students can increase their understanding of the Japanese language and culture. About 100 students from 20 or so countries/regions participate in the SCJ every summer. In addition to the program's 15 weekly periods of intensive Japanese language instruction, the course also offers cultural programs. In the content, method and rigor, the SCJ courses are equivalent to ICU regular term courses. Students in the SCJ program stay in dormitories on campus or with Japanese families off campus to experience life in Japan.

Summer Courses in Japanese Website


Japanese Language Programs (staff and faculty offices) are located in the first floor of the Educational and Research Building 2 (ERB-2).

Tel: 0422-33-3191(from abroad, +81-422-33-3191)
Fax: 0422-33-3631(from abroad, +81-422-33-3631)
Email: jlp@icu.ac.jp
Website: http://www.icu.ac.jp/en/liberalarts/collegewide/jlp/about.html

Summer Courses in Japanese

Tel: 0422-33-3501(from abroad, +81-422-33-3501)
Fax: 0422-33-3631(from abroad, +81-422-33-3631)
Email: scj@icu.ac.jp
Website: https://office.icu.ac.jp/scj/

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