Learning Experience like no Other

Like minded people from around the world with different background congregate to ICU to learn our beautiful language, Japanese. JLP has been teaching Japanese for 60 years, so let us guide you to the proficiency level you aspire.

1.Diverse courses for diverse students


With two distinct tracks, and, a wide range of levels, there is the right course for each and every one of you. Whether you are an absolute beginner or advanced learner, whether you are seeking an intensive course or a lighter course, we cater to your language needs.

There are around 300 students from about 40 countries/regions taking JLP courses every year. There are degree-seeking students, short-term exchange students and graduate students taking JLP courses. College first-year students and mature students study alongside each other. There are students who start from scratch, learning phrases like "Good morning" and those who are reading Haruki Murakami's novel.

This diversity of students creates a vibrant atmosphere and dynamic interaction. With this diversity, and a course content full of current issues with topics such as environment, energy, welfare, education, and gender our classes are stimulating. JLP also emphasizes critical thinking, logical writing, and clear arguments combined with language learning.

2. Special Japanese Program for Native/Heritage Speakers of Japanese


If you converse in Japanese at home with your family or use Japanese regularly within your community, the Special Japanese Program may be for you. The Special Japanese Program is for students who will learn Japanese as a mother tongue, first language, or heritage language. It is designed mainly for native speakers of Japanese who can communicate orally but lack literacy skills in Japanese. ICU is a higher education institution in Japan that, uniquely, offers this type of program, within the College of Liberal Arts, and awarding academic credits.

The students in this track may have lived overseas for most of their lives, attending local schools, or have been traversing different countries with the family, or have lived in Japan attending international schools. Your background may be Japanese or part Japanese.

The goal of the Special Japanese Program is to facilitate students to gain sufficient Japanese language and academic skills to participate proactively and effectively in ICU's College of Liberal Arts classes.

3. Small Class Size


JLP courses are conducted in small classes of no more than 20, sometimes less than 10 in a class. There is a coordinating instructor and possibly one or two other instructors in the team. You will soon learn that the small size makes you work.

4. One to One Tutorial Sessions


All courses involve tutorial sessions for individual consultation. These tutorials are the core of JLP and they consist of many types; instructor offering feedbacks to assignments/tests, student bringing questions, practicing conversation/pronunciation, discussing the next assignment, etc. Our instructors are professional in their teaching and caring in their nature.

5. Learning Japanese in Japan


Needless to say, learning a language entails time and effort. There is no shortcut to learning a language, especially a language like Japanese with different types of script. The JLP courses are demanding. However, you will encounter devoted instructors who will endeavor to make your learning experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Don't forget that you will be in an environment surrounded by Japanese people, culture, and food (!) and you can try and develop your language whenever and wherever.

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