How to Request Certificates/Transcripts

Due to factors such as the spread of COVID-19, we are working while keeping the staff's safety and prevention of the spread of infection. We apologize for the inconvenience, we kindly ask for your understanding as it may take some time before it is issued.

Also, there is a large delay in the case of the Express Mail Service (EMS). In some countries, we have stopped accepting EMS, and it is not possible for overseas shipments from ICU. Therefore, for the time being, we will stop accepting all overseas shipments and only ship to Japan.

P.S. The certificate will be issued from August 4 after the Summer Recess.(July 20)

Certificates/transcripts can be requested by International Christian University Application System for Certificate. At the Educational Affairs Group office or by postal mail is also accepted.
*To order ICU Summer Course transcripts, please contact
* (Students only): Apply for a health certificate at Health Care Office.


  • In accordance with the university's Policy on the Protection of Personal Information, we issue certificates/transcripts based on the request by the person himself/herself. If a proxy person requests for you, then you must submit a letter of proxy (original).
  • Requests by either phone, facsimile or e-mail are NOT accepted.
  • Please use the Application System for Certificate.
  • Certificate(s)/transcript(s) will be issued by the full name at the time of your graduation/withdrawal from ICU.
  • Certificate(s)/transcript(s) can not be issued immediately. Please check the required number of days.


1. Application System for Certificate

By using this system you can do all the procedures by applying for a certificate/transcript and credit card payment.


The maximum number of certificates that can be issued per application is 20.

You will be required to upload a digital copy of your identity document (passport or residence card).

The certificate/transcript will be sent by post. We can not send it by electronic data such as PDF and FAX.

In addition to the certificate fee and postage fee(including express mail charges), you will be charged a service fee to use the system.

Once you proceed with the payment, certificate fees, postage (including express mail charges) and service fee will not be refunded under any circumstance.

2. How to request by Request form

(1). At office (Certificats/Transcripts can not be issued on the same day.)

[Please make sure to bring]

I. ID: driver's license, passport, resident card, or jumin-kihon-daicho card

II. Cash to pay the processing fee

The university requires that you pay for the processing fee and postage. Payments for certificates/transcripts are to be made by tickets (SHOSHI), which are available at the vending machine in Administration Building, ICU. Please refer to the following section of "3. Fee" for the details of the cost required.


①Fill in the certificates request form at the Educational Affairs Group office.

②Buy the above-mentioned tickets (SHOSHI).

③Attach the tickets (SHOSHI) to the request form and submit to the office.

* Please present your above-mentioned ID.

(2). By postal mail

Please send us the following 3 items by postal mail.

I. Request form (please send the original request form.)

Please use the following request form in pdf.
Request for Certificate(s)/Transcript(s) [Request within Japan]

II. Photocopy of your ID (driver's license, passport, resident card, or jumin-kihon-daicho card)

III. Fee

The payment is to be made by "Postal Money Order(Teigaku Kogawase)", which is available at post offices.
Please refer to the following section of 3. Fee.
Please enclose "Postal Money Order (at value of the total fee)", leaving the recipient blank, with a request form.
In case you need the certificates/transcripts to be sent by express mail, the charge of ¥290 should be paid by postage stamp.

(3) Receipt of Certificates/Transcripts

[Pick up at the office]

If requested at the office ;

Please bring the receipt of the application form and the above-mentioned ID.

If requested by postal mail;

Please bring the above-mentioned ID.

* Please note that the certificates will be disposed if you fail to pick up within 3 months of the date of issue.

[Receive the certificates by postal mail]

The certificates will be send to the name/address stated on the request form. Please refer to the following section of 4. Days Required regarding the day to dispatch the certificates.

3. Fee

Please note that fees may change without prior notice.

(1).Certificates/transcripts Processing Fee (per 1 copy)

Transcript (Seiseki Shomeisho) ¥300
Graduation (Sotsugyo/Shuryo Shomeisho) ¥300
Past Enrollment (Kako Zaiseki Shomeisho) ¥300
Certificate for Teacher Certificate [To be issued only in Japanese] ¥300
Other Certificates* ¥300
Reference for Graduate School Entrance Examination (Chosa-sho) ¥300
Certificate processing fee has been revised from April 1, 2018.

*If you are to request "Other Certificates", please call +81-422-33-3054 before you make a request.

(2) Postage fee (If you wish to receive by postal mail)]

If you wish to receive by postal mail, the following postage is required in addition to the certificates/transcripts processing fee.

[ Postage within Japan (per each address)]

Standard        ¥200
Express (standard fee + ¥280yen)*   ¥480

*The charge of ¥290 for Express should be paid by postage stamp, not "Postal Money Order (Teigaku Kogawase)"

(Example:If you wish to receive your certificate of graduation by express mail, "Postal Money Order(Teigaku Kogawase)" ¥500 (certificate processing fee ¥300 + standard postage ¥200) and postage stamp ¥290 are required.)

[ Postage to Overseas (per each address)]

Standard ¥300
EMS to Asia (standard fee + ¥1,400)  ¥1,700
EMS to Oceania, North America, Central America, and Near and Middle East (standard fee + ¥2,000)  ¥2,300
EMS to Europe (standard fee + ¥2,200) ¥2,500
EMS to South America and Africa (standard fee + ¥2,400) ¥2,700

For sending certificates/transcripts overseas quickly and as registered mail, please use International Express Mail (EMS). EMS is recommended to avoid problems that may arise when confirmation of dispatch, status, and delivery is required.

4. Day Required

The day to issue/dispatch documents depends on the day the request was completed.

Day of Request / ReceivedDay of Issue / Dispatch
Monday / Tuesday Following Friday
Wednesday / Thursday Following Monday
Friday / Saturday Following Wednesday

Note 1:Since issuing certificates/transcripts for the class of 1975 and before are not computerized, it may require longer preparation period.
Note 2:Proof of academic ability (for teacher certification) and Curatorial Training Program are sent on the same day of the following week.
Note 3:If the day to issue/dispatch falls on non-business days, then certification will be issue/dispatch on the following business day.

5. Procedure by a proxy (at the office)

(1) Please make sure to bring

I. An original letter of Proxy (there is no fixed format for this letter but it must include the signature of the requester.)


ex.) I, (name of requester), give authority for (name of proxy person) to request, pay for, and collect official documents on my behalf.
(Followed by date and signature)


II. Photocopy of your ID (driver's license, passport, resident card, or jumin-kihon-daicho card)

III. The ID of the individual serving as your proxy person (driver's license, passport, resident card, or jumin-kihon-daicho card)

(2) Procedure

1) Fill in the certificates request form at the Educational Affairs Group office.

2) Buy the above-mentioned tickets (SHOSHI)

3) Attach the tickets (SHOSHI) to the request form and submit to the office.

* Please present your above-mentioned ID.

6. Where to send a request/contact address

Educational Affairs Group
International Christian University
3-10-2 Osawa, Mitaka-shi,TOKYO
181-8585 JAPAN
Phone: +81-422-33-3054


7. Office hour

Monday-Friday: 9:30-Noon, 13:00-16:30
Saturday: 9:30-12:30

Please note that requests for Certificate(s)/transcript(s) cannot be processed on the following days.

1. The 2nd and 4th Saturdays (all Saturdays in July & August, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Saturdays in March), Sundays, National Holidays
2.During the Summer Recess: from July 25, 2020 until August 3, 2020
 (Request is accepted until July 16 for issuance before the Summer Recess)
3.Christmas-New Year's Holidays: from December 25, 2020 until January 5, 2021
 (Request is accepted until December 18 for issuance before Christmas-New Year's Holidays)
4.Day of General Admissions Test for CLA and the day prior to the exam: February 5 and February 6, 2021
5.All other university holidays
 The office will be closed on July 13, August 17, 2020.

8. Syllabus/ Outline of Courses

Syllabi and Outline of past courses can be browsed as follows.

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