Changes to Spring Term AY 2020 Academic Calendar

Update: March 23, 2020

Dear New Students,

The Novel Coronavirus has caused an epidemic both inside and outside of Japan, and it is possible that the infections will spread further. In light of this, and in consideration of the importance of public health, we will cancel the events as follows and take the special measure of introducing online classes for a specified period beginning in April 2020. Thank you for your cooperation.

1. Matriculation Ceremony and the Placement Tests
(English for Liberal Arts Program: ELA / Japanese Language Programs: JLP

We will cancel the Matriculation Ceremony and the placement tests for English for Liberal Arts Program (ELA)/Japanese Language Programs JLP). We request all the new students not to come to the campus on April 1.

Regarding to the Placement Tests:

  1. English for Liberal Arts Program (ELA) Placement Test (Undergraduate)
    We will cancel the test on campus. The details will follow on NSO (ICU New Students Orientation Website).

  2. Japanese Language Programs (JLP) Placement Test (Undergraduate and Graduate)
    Placement test will be conducted online. We will announce the details of the online placement test on NSO (ICU New Students Orientation Website).

2. New Students Orientation

All programs will be held online. The details will follow on this NSO on March 25. Please be sure to check this page.

3. Course Registration

Course Registration will be held with some changes to the schedule and procedure. Consultations about course registration (such as meetings) and advisor approval of registration will be done online. Detailed instruction will be announced later.

4. Classes

Courses will start as scheduled (April 9). In principle, all classes will be online classes. (At present, this will be done until May 6, with a possibility of extension.) Note that this may change the structure of the class. Detailed information will be announced later.

5. The annual health check-up

The annual health check-up has been postponed. Detailed information will be announced later.

6. NSO Account

Your NSO account ID is valid until 13:00 of April 1. Please log in with ICU Net ID after that. ICU Net ID will be sent to new students on March 25 by e-mail.

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