Mr. Yasushi Komatsu, TV Asahi news presenter, gave a lecture in ICU Study Abroad Orientation

Update: July 28, 2018

On June 27 Wednesday, ICU alumnus and a news presenter of TV Asahi, Mr. Yasushi Komatsu (class of 1998) gave a lecture on the significance of studying abroad and career development after experiencing studying abroad, as part of the pre-departure orientation for students who plan to study abroad on exchange programs from this summer.

Based on his own experience of studying abroad as an exchange student at the University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania, U.S.) when he was a third-year student of ICU, Mr. Komatsu stressed the importance of having a clear purpose, in other words, knowing why you want to study abroad and what you want to learn. He also noted that studying abroad provides a great opportunity for thinking about your future career, which will in turn help facilitate job hunting activities after you return to Japan. He pointed to how his experience connects to his current career, by explaining that the research capabilities and learning skills he gained while studying abroad now have a great meaning in his current work.

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