International Relations

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Introduction to the Major

Faculty members talk about what you can learn and what makes this major special.

Mission Statement

The Major in International Relations seeks to:

  1. Achieve ICU's mission of "internationality" by striving for the truth through the study of international relations at the first university in postwar Japan to include "international" in its name.
  2. Understand a wide range of topics and problems in today's international community with heightened sensitivity and deep insight, and elucidate these problems with logical and critical thinking skills.
  3. Nurture the courage and ability to resolutely tackle the problems faced by countries and peoples suffering from all forms of discrimination and conflict in racial, sexual, linguistic, religious, and political spheres.

Learning Goals

  1. In the Foundation Courses, students are familiarized with fundamental concepts of international relations and international politics, and establish basic knowledge of the history of international relations and Japan's international relations.
  2. In the Area Major Courses, students understand the trend in international relations by conducting studies on regions including Japan, Asia, the U.S., Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, based on theoretical studies of foreign policy, international security, international political economy, international development cooperation, and the global environment.
  3. In the process of writing a senior thesis, students develop their ability to identify a research problem, situate their research in relevant literature, analyze the problem with an appropriate method, draw implications, and effectively communicate the outcomes of the research.

The study of International Relations opens the door to careers in international organizations, governmental organizations, multinational businesses, civil society organizations, journalism and academia worldwide. The ICU Graduate School also offers a Master of Arts in International Relations.

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